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Ever since states began legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, the cannabis industry has formalized and sophisticated what once was a cottage industry of product innovation and adventurous designs. We’ve advanced from fragile, mundane bongs and plastic bags to dual-action, customizable vapes with trendy, child-resistant packaging. Successful design melds both creativity and functionality for an eye-catching product that can efficiently and accurately deliver the user’s desired outcome while keeping the product fresh for weeks, if not months. 

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Greenlane’s Rise To Market Domination Started In Founder’s College Apartment

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 As legal cannabis becomes more accessible than ever across the country, one company is determined to help consumers find novel and better ways to enjoy their products. Greenlane is one the largest cannabis accessories retail platforms in the world. The company has more than 11,000 national retail partners and has struck exclusive deals with dozens of industry leaders including Pax and Select. In addition to its enormous market reach, Greenlane is one of the few accessories distributors acting as a brand accelerator to help companies fine tune their products and bring them to market. 

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