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5 Quick Questions With Elliot Lewis, Owner/Founder Catalyst Cannabis Co

Elliot headshot black t-shirt. beard.
Elliot Lewis 

Elliot Lewis is the founder Catalyst Cannabis Co.; he currently owns and operates 5 retail storefronts in Southern California including – Long Beach, Bellflower, and Santa Ana which have recently gone through a rebrand of all existing stores as they continue to build the Catalyst name up and down the coast. As a manager of numerous cannabis businesses, Lewis has established himself as one of the top commercial marijuana operators in California as he continues to expand with dreams to bring cannabis to every city state-wide. He’s blazing new paths into places unheard of just ten years ago. Ambition drives Elliot and I’m proud to introduce him to the world. Thank you, WB.

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Digging 5 Questions With Equity Cannabis Brand: Mahlate Hagos Of DIOS

A lovely B&W picture of Mahlate
Mahlate in B&W 

WB: Where are you from? What brought you to the plant? Tell me about the first time you used cannabis? Do you remember who you were with? 

Mahlate Hagos=MH: My parents came to the states from Ethiopia right before I was born to provide a better life + better opportunity for the family. My uncle lived in Oakland so that’s what gravitated my family over here. I grew up in West Oakland, California my whole life. And I still live here!

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Jon Locarni:Co-Founder And Cannabis Entrepreneur-Monica’s House/West Hollywood, California

photo:  @Vixxion
Jon Locarni
Photo: @Vixxion

Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from originally, reason why I ask is because hardly anyone is actually from Los Angeles, right? What do you do now? Tell me a little bit about your path to where you are now?

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