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Arecent visit to the sparkling new cannabis dispensary reveals something different in New Jersey. What sets Garden State Botanicals apart from its peers is Sun Grown Cannabis, which is propagated right here in New Jersey.

The other day, I visited Garden State Botanicals and saw a well-designed dispensary with a twist. That twist would lead me to the fine flowers grown by Brute’s Roots in South Jersey. Finally, someone is growing cannabis with a deeper meaning. Sun grown flower just tastes differently. Sure, it has less THC than many of the other name brands on the market, and that is just the charm. You might not know, but many of us who utilize cannabis for medical reasons find that higher THC cannabis is not as viable as low THC cannabis in the treatment and alleviation of certain ills, such as my eyes. High THC gives me a headache and raises my eye pressure. Lower THC, like the strains grown by Brute’s Roots offers the healing I require- and the drive down to North Brunswick is not entirely too far from my house.

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Sam, Warren, and Taleia

For the good stuff- I’ll travel far and wide to attain the kind.
Thank you to Garden State Botanicals for carrying Brute’s Roots. What a nice surprise!
Real Sun Grown Cannabis in New Jersey? Yes! More to follow in this regard, with a possible road trip in the coming weeks.

Garden State Botanicals is super easy to get to. I don’t know why my GPS didn’t take me to Rutgers, then down 18, but no matter… They are really easy to find from all over central New Jersey. They are right next door to a Dunkin and a Baskin Robbins, so you cannot miss it from the street. There is plenty of dedicated parking as well, so no worries there. And for medical folks like me, you can show up at 10:00 and have the whole store basically to yourself. That kind of service is rare in any state. And what kind budtenders!

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Garden State Botanicals

They do have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, as I found out myself. Their menu is super easy to read, and there is even a terpene-scenting bar for those who might want to deepen their intellectual cannabis experience. A well-chosen selection of cannabis accessories, hand-crafted pipes, glass bongs, and rolling papers- including their new hemp blunt wrappers- fills out the room with their comfortable seating area and real plants (unfortunately not cannabis ones), giving off healing energy to the gleaming, sun-filled room. For a strip mall pad, this is a very inviting space that is modern, yet not cold in any way; it’s warm and inviting. A plus again for the medical community and the non-stoner, read “older” clientele, you have dedicated hours, and the dispensary is also fully recreational- but most importantly is time for medical patients to shop without the crush of other recreational customers. It’s a nice touch. And appreciated by us older folk.

Did I say that the store is really easy to get to? If you are over 21 and are at nearby Rutgers- you’re in like Flint!

I wish them the very best and thank you for the generous swag from your brimming shelves and larder.

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