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Some vastly different Cannagars Yet all Are Absolutely Brilliant


I’ve decided that writing about cannagars has become a full time vocation. There are so many varieties and brands- and of course styles. The names of the ones I’ve tried and loved flash around my brain. They are all memorable. Some got me really stoned.

It wasn’t so long ago that I discovered cannagars. I have a feeling it was a cannagar from the the now making it in a really big way- Artisan Cannagar folks. I was doing a story in the Los Angeles area during my Forbes writing experiences and my meeting with Artisan was a fortuitous glimpse into my future. I didn’t know it at the time but smoking this first cannagar would serve as more than a mere metaphor for the coming years. I’m proud to announce that I survived smoking that cannagar because I didn’t smoke it all in one sitting. It lasted nearly a month. Lightweight? Me? Nah., I like to savor my cannagars and not get too wasted because smoking a cannagar is a commitment of more than time. A cannagar is potent stuff! Make no mistake. This is the top of the house, containing many grams of high quality cannabis and usually some kind of cannabis concentrate, like a live resin or THCa diamonds. One of my pro-tips is the easy purchase of a cigar cutter. I’ve been taking slices off particularly large cannagars and smoking them in human sized pieces. I know that is not quite the process when you’re just one person imbibing a cannagar.

Well, first of all… I have no one to smoke these multi-gram vacations with. And then I haven’t shared anything with anyone in a long, long time…Too bad. So, I enjoy metered slices of the cannagar experience, each in themselves a mini-vacation, rather than a full on Towlie involvement. Please do not ash your cannagar when you do smoke it. Just don’t do it.

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