Warren Bobrow: Please tell me who you are. What you’re working on right now?

John Bayes/Mike Abramson: We are the Dharma Police. However, on an average day, we are known as John Bayes of Green Bodhi and Mike Abramson Of Brothers Grimm Seeds. We are working on bringing awareness and intention back to the industry. Intentional Horticulture, coined by John, is a way of life cultivating Dharma from within to apply to the plant, but more importantly, to apply to every aspect of what you do. Another one of our focuses is bringing back the Brotherhood/Sisterhood atmosphere to the culture. Pre 2005, there wasn’t the amount of hate and shade thrown towards any cultivator or breeder. We have decided to team up on a number of projects and invite those with true Dharma into what we are doing. With our current obsession with social media, there have been plenty of keyboard warrior trolls harassing people for literally anything and everything. We are here to stick up for those being bullied.

Photo: Gorilla Boost

WB: As far as philanthropy goes, what are your six and twelve-month plans? What are you working on right now?

JB/MA: This is our favorite thing outside of our families that we prioritize heavily. Currently, we have two main philanthropic endeavors, the first being the #WaterForLife. This is a purely intentional project, no 501c3, no tax-deductible letters. India has some of the worst living conditions with a lack of access to clean water. Most villages are drinking and bathing in the same water animals frequently relieve themselves in. Bodhgaya, which is in the state of Bihar, is the holiest of cities for Buddhists and where the Buddha attained His enlightenment. This area is one of the poorest regions in India, “3rd world” would be a compliment here. So, John decided to work with two friends over there and challenged them to come up with an idea that could help the locals and feed their families. In short, when telling Mike about it, he had to be in. We are currently at monies raised for over 50 wells, with an average of 3-5 a week being donated and the 29th being installed soon. For $700, a village gets access to clean water, thousands of lives are changed instantly.

Another big project we are working on is raising funds for “His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Library and Learning Center,” which will be located at Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, NY. This is the only seat of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the western world, and currently His only seat outside of India. John has been a student of Namgyal monastery for 10years now and has been appointed as the “Outreach Coordinator” for the project. We both hold the highest regard and reverence for His Holiness and His compassionate commitment towards all beings of the world. Beyond just raising funds, we have ventured into a collaborative philanthropic breeding project where all proceeds will go to the center. We are currently working on a 3-way breeder collaboration, Brothers Grimm, Green Bodhi, and Bodhi Seeds. This will officially drop at the Harvest Cup in Worcester in November.

WB: Favorite cannabis strain right now? Developed by whom? What is it, sativa? Indica? Who developed the genetics?

JB: Purple Hindu Kush. I got the cut from @MrBobHemphill, a legendary strain collector and legacy breeder, the other half to the genetics company “Crickets and Cicada Seeds.”

MA: The Dumpster Diver a Cali Super Skunk x Hazmat OG bred by Covert Genetics. Which is a sativa leaning hybrid.

WB: Favorite food when on the road spreading the word?

JB/MA: Noodles. Spending a lot of time on the road and at the monastery, we have discovered that any composed noodle dish is the fuel we need. Ramen, Pho, Pad Thai, it’s literally a whole meal. Spice is a requirement; the hotter, the better.

WB: What is your passion?

JB/MA: Our families, friends, living a life of intention and compassion. We also love to “Send It” with everything we do, from surfing to hitting the mountains in the winter.