Henry's Original
Henry’s Original Premium Cannabis Smokes HENRY’S ORIGINAL

I love Henry’s Original. They were one of the first pre-rolls that I truly fell in love with. Having just learned that this little cannabis company is about to become something much greater caught my attention. After all, Merida Capital Partners are not just any investment group. They bring companies forward into the future. Clean Green certification also caught my eye as there are great pressures in cannabis to cut corners and fool the consumer. Henry’s does not take this path, their organic certification speaks for itself. I truly love when small companies can catch the attention of the big fish, not for pure metrics, but to bring the highest quality, sun-grown cannabis to educated consumers around California. When I got the press release, the choice was clear, share this news with my interested readers.

Read More Here At Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenbobrow/2019/08/05/henrys-original-cannabis-closes-series-b-investment-round/#18dc44b8afdc