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Great Flower: Ladies Of Paradise’s Jade And Harlee Uplift & Unite Their Community

Jade & Harlee.  WITH THE PLANTS!!!
Ladies of Paradise Jade & Harlee. 

I was visiting Oregon this past winter when I first discovered Lady Jays, created by Ladies of Paradise  founders Jade Daniels, Harlee Case and their team. These joints are anything but small, and they kick serious butt — so much so, I stuffed a few packs into my briefcase so I’d have enough for later. Lady Jays have added deep enlightenment to my writing, and my recommendation is that you try their various versions: THC, CBD, CBG, and their new CBD/CBG blend. I suggest you enjoy a THC jay alongside one of their jays featuring CBD and CBG in conjunction with each other. Why? This is called the Entourage Effect, recently updated to the Ensemble Effect. According to cannabis educator Emma Chasen of Eminent Consulting, the Ensemble Effect is the same theory concept, just a slight change in language. Chasen says, “Entourage conveys that THC is the superstar with all other compounds acting as its entourage, whereas Ensemble more clearly evokes all compounds working together synergistically with no one compound as the superstar.” 

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