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Five Swift Questions With Sackville’s Lana Van Brunt and Hayley Dineen

Lana Van Brunt and Hayley Dineen are the duo behind Sackville & Co., a style-focused contemporary cannabis lifestyle brand and design studio behind some of the coolest brands in cannabis (Miss Jones, Select, Quill, etc.) They also have several high profile fashion collaborations set to debut, which will further solidify their design studio as the go-to for brands looking to delve into the cannabis space.
Prior to bonding over their shared frustration of not being able to find chic cannabis products to fit their personal styles, Lana & Hayley worked for luxury companies such as Yeezy, Vivienne Westwood and Vice and product development and experiential marketing whizzes. They launched the design studio to help brands break into the space on their own terms, along with a Sackville collection comple

te with oversized gold grinders, key chains, starter kits and more. In late 2019 Sackville & Co was acquired by a public company; after three months the company changed leadership and the new CEO decided to pull out of all previous acquisitions. Hayley & Lana bought Sackville & CO
back in 2020 and have been running it independently ever since.
Swift is how I would describe the wunderkinds behind Sackville. What they have accomplished even before being acquired is masterful. How they became independent again is a lesson in entrepreneurship.
What they are now is self-determined, outside the impenetrable silos that represent the corporate world. They are self-made and on a path to deep achievement, the kind of metaphor that acts towards following one’s dreams and setting goals towards certainty.
The last time that I spoke to the gals at Sackville they had just entered the world of someone else’s money. This is an update to what they were then, moving forward into who they are now.
I think it’s quite enlightening!

Warren Bobrow=WB: Since last we spoke, what have you been working on?

Lana Van Brunt and Hayley Dineen=LVB & HD: At the end of 2019 we were acquired, then after a change in the CEO at the new parent company and ultimately a change in the direction of our new parent company, we spent the second quarter of 2020 fighting to buy our company back, which we did successfully! We are back to being completely private, a two woman team, and absolutely thriving! Right now, we’re working on a few exciting collabs with brands and artists that we are so honored to be able to work with, so keep an eye out for those drops coming soon!

WB: What are your six and twelve month goals? What about next week? 

LVB & HD: We have a revenue target for the remainder of the year so right now we’re focused on continuing to work towards achieving that goal. As for 12 months, we are working on several high profile collaborations, as mentioned above, that we can’t quite yet speak to but are beyond excited about. Next week, well we’re just trying to keep up… and also find a minute or two to soak up the remaining days of summer if we can!

WB: Please tell me about your company? What makes you different? 

LVB & HD: Sackville & Co. is built from the ground up by the two of us. It’s not made in a boardroom by a bunch of executives trying to figure out how to tap into the female or design market, it’s from our hearts and every single part of what you see comes from the blood, sweat and tears of both Hayley and I alone. In terms of the branding and products, we are a design-first brand: we are completely reimagining the smoking experience from an industrial design and high-end home goods perspective. We believe that cannabis accessories should be displayed and not hidden away and are determined to continue to progress the de-stigmatization of cannabis for women and in general through this design lens.

WB: What is your favorite food?  Wine? Indoor or outdoor cannabis?

Hayley: I love all ice cream in all forms. Milkshake, straight up scoops, just give me the ice cream.
Loving Vino Verde the Portuguese green wine!
Outdoor always.

Lana: I’m more of a salt/savory gal, so I love things like chips and popcorn for snacky vibes. I think my fave dish is ceviche though, I can always be in the mood for it.
I’m really into pat nets right now.
Outdoor always.

WB: What is your passion?

LVB & HD: We are incredibly grateful to do what we love and live out our passions for art, design, and creativity through our work. It’s such a trip to be able to do this every day!