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Five Richly Textured Questions For Tina Gordon: Founder-Moon Made Farms

Tina Gordon in the forest of trees
Moon Made Farms. Humboldt County, Ca. 2019 ©

Tina Gordon is the founder and owner of Moon Made Farms, a small Emerald Triangle cannabis farm in Southern Humboldt County. With a background as a rock drummer, producer, event promoter, and documentary filmmaker, Tina moved to Humboldt in 2007 when, through a serendipitous twist, a special stretch of land belonging to her female drummer mentor became her home. Tina set about developing the 40 acres that would become Moon Made Farms — a farm, collective, and center of agricultural innovation. Today, Tina thrives as an active cannabis farmer and advocate, serving on the boards of the International Cannabis Farmers Association and Sun + Earth Certified and providing flower to the prestigious Northern California cannabis distributor Flow Kana.

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