Five Questions with Susie Plascencia from Humo: Mexican-American Owned: Gourmet Latino Cannabis         

I’m always intrigued by authentic cannabis brands grown in conjunction with nature. Sometimes they are more than just indoor grown under lights. I crave sun-grown flowers that are bursting with passion. This description holds true for the richly esoteric strains grown in the proprietary “Smart” Greenhouse holistically powered by Posibl in Monterey County, California, the parent company of Humo. It stands to reason that Humo would possess state-of-the-art growing methods from their rich history in Latino culture. It is my pleasure to share with you the words and emotions from the source herself, brand partner Susie Plascencia. That is, quite succinctly…Humo. HUMO is by la raza, pa’ la raza. A Spanish term for smoke, humo is the unmistakable result of cannabis when ignited. HUMO is on a mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis in the Latino community by celebrating its rich cultural history with the plant and normalizing its daily use. As a Mexican-American-owned company, HUMO aims to provide meaningful representation in an industry that has caused disproportionate harm to Latino communities for decades. 

1. Please tell me about yourself, what do you do for work? Where are you from? Live now? What did you want to be when you grew up?  

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and still live in the city. My family immigrated to the US from Jalisco, Mexico. I’m an entrepreneur and marketing expert. I’m a Brand Partner for Humo, California’s Mexican American-owned cannabis brand centered on the culture of the Latino community. Not seeing Latinas represented in professional positions of power affected my desire to seek entrepreneurship as a career path. However, I’ve always had a natural talent for communication and a calling for leadership, so studying marketing and earning a master’s degree in journalism helped me hone my skills as a creative storyteller. Becoming an entrepreneur and brand developer are roles I’ve grown into throughout my career. Still, I often feel I am what I’ve always been – a communicator and a leader.

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2. What are you working on right now? Do you have a six and twelve-month goal? What makes your company different from its peers?

Right now, I’m focusing on the growth of Humo, and its expansion throughout California. Within six months, we’d like to welcome new strains to our menu and our 12-month goal is for Humo to be available at dispensaries from San Diego to San Francisco. Our mission-focused ethos is what sets Humo apart from our peers in the cannabis industry. As a Mexican American and woman-led brand, we aim to eliminate the stigma around cannabis use in the Latino community by celebrating our rich cultural history with the plant, normalizing its daily use, and offering premium and affordable flower that’s sustainably grown in a Smart Greenhouse powered by our parent company POSIBL.

3. What obstacles currently stand in your way, and how do you anticipate removing them? Do you have a mentor or teacher who is valuable in your path? 

As a brand, the challenges we currently face are actually also our strengths. The average cannabis consumer knows about indoor and outdoor cultivation but still isn’t familiar with a greenhouse approach.

This challenge becomes a strength because it presents us with an opportunity to not only share information about the brand with our community but also educate them on the great benefits of sustainably grown flower. Personally, the most important and valuable teachers in my path have been struggle and hardship. Having to work extremely hard to get to where I am in my career has filled me with a level of gratitude and appreciation that fuels me to continue achieving and help pave the way for others. 

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4. Indoor or outdoor-grown cannabis? Favorite strain right now? 

Neither indoor nor outdoor — Humo’s craft cannabis is sustainably grown in a Smart Greenhouse powered by our parent company, POSIBL. Their proprietary greenhouse technology features best-in-class climate control that requires less water per pound of flower and is three times more efficient than indoor grows. My favorite strain right now is the Cajeta. It’s an indica-leaning hybrid that’s a cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage. This flower’s creamy vanilla and caramel flavor profile inspired its name, which is one of Mexico’s most beloved goat’s milk caramel confections. 

5. What is your passion? 

I want to help create dream jobs in cannabis. I’m passionate about creating career opportunities in the cannabis industry for women of color and communities impacted by the War on Drugs. 

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