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It’s been a few months since I have used vape cartridges. That’s not to say that I don’t like them, just that there are very few legal places to purchase them in New Jersey. Sure, you can get the medical ones through the NJMMP, but they don’t offer the satisfaction like the ones I’ve discovered from SELECT. The SELECT line of carts is of exceptional quality. I know that there are dozens of different companies vying for the right to say that they are the best in their field, and SELECT is not any different in this regard. However, I’ve found that the new SELECT line is carefully crafted from flower from the celebrated Sonoma Hills Farm. They exemplify the essence of the plant. They improve upon the art of the vape cartridge and raise the bar through the deep quality of the perfectly cured Sonoma Hills Farm flower. I’m not a scientist, nor an influencer in social media, but one thing I do know is the art of the outdoor-grown cannabis flower, especially the ones that are of this deep quality. In smoking craft cannabis, I feel that the overall experience is much more intrinsic. But that is just my opinion.

SELECT has achieved quite intriguing, and it rivals the personal emotion of smoking a freshly rolled joint of perfectly cured flower. In this case, the flower is from Sonoma Hills Farm. Select has harnessed a methodology that corresponds with a product called Live Resin. Live Resin is a form of cannabis concentrate. This invention exemplifies the purest form of the plant. I’m not a big fan of dabbing to be perfectly succinct, but the live resin I am interested in is not torched in a dab rig.

Photos courtesy of SELECT.

I’m considering the form of a little glass cartridge that screws onto an elegant, rechargeable battery about the size of a slender, European-style ballpoint pen. The little glass container contains a very special oil, the abovementioned Enhanced Live Resin. Enhanced means to me the term Professional Strength, judging by their testing results. The very best, raising the bar from the enthusiast to the cannabis nerd, like myself.

When you grow accustomed to the plethora of products on the market, it’s refreshing to know that only a few choices of this quality are to be enjoyed in the overall marketplace. The SELECT line caught my attention… What they have accomplished is impressive, to say the very least.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself. What brought you to the cannabis biz?

Joyce Cenali: I’ve consumed cannabis for over half of my life, to balance anxiety and stress, and to socialize. I love that she always draws in such a wide spectrum of folks, and she’s led me to many crucial relationships with friends, colleagues, and mentors. She encourages a think out of the box and an open-minded mentality. I started a home grow in 2004 for personal use, and it was the illness and subsequent passing of my dad that launched me fully into the industry. Observing his and the treatment path of so many in our troubled health care industry, the pull into cannabis was natural, instinctual. Societal and capitalistic constructs systematically deny us diversity in our consumption and wellness choices. Our team and I, and every operator that we’re privileged to work with, are slowly chipping away the long held and unjust stigma.

WB: Please tell me about the new Select collaboration. What makes the products different from their competition?

Joyce Cenali: Select has a deep bench of experienced staff, best-of-class extraction equipment, and long-honed processes and systems. They are extremely bullish in their research and development, and they focus only on the highest quality of their products. They have a sincere interest in showcasing not only potency but also terpene flavor and balance. In the case of our collaboration, they were able to capture a full-bodied presentation of the inputs, and you’re truly getting an expression that is close to the plant.

WB: Which strain is your favorite? Why?

Joyce Cenali: Durban Biscotti! I previously grew Durban Poison for many years, and she was always one of the most potent and aromatic ladies in the garden. She’s got a dense structure and tends to do well in diverse weather environments, so we wanted to give her a try in our current climate, which tends to get a fair share of moisture. We were able to find a great cut of her crossed with Biscotti, sourced from Purple City. She was super aromatic and gorgeous, yielded well, and her profile is one of the richest in terpenes coming in at a whopping 4.6% terpene content. She’s energizing and soothing, and she has come out in true form in extract and flower, giving her a wide application at market.

WB: What are your six and twelve-month goals?

Photos courtesy of SELECT.

Joyce Cenali: In the near term, my goal is to work with advocacy groups like Origins Council, Sun+Earth, Cannabis Media Council, and others to smooth the muck of the regulatory and taxation channels in order to ensure that we have a robust business representation of both small and large businesses operating in California and nationally, so as to present wide-ranging choices to the consumer base, including direct sales from farms like ours. We have a legacy to protect in California, and without it, the cannabis industry will miss out on the best terroir expression of the plant and tremendous experiences and community growth. Imagine the wine industry without wine country. It’s a non-starter.

WB: What is your passion?

Joyce Cenali: My drive to get involved with cannabis, a plant I have enjoyed for many years, is two-fold. I am passionate about bringing the voices of women and the LGBTQ community to the forefront of this industry. I am equally dedicated to ensuring that cannabis, hemp, and its many derivatives are made as widely accessible as possible.

Joyce’s bio:

Joyce Cenali is COO of Sonoma Hills Farm, a premium craft cannabis farm and organic culinary garden nestled on 60-acres in Sonoma Valley. In addition to Sun+Earth certification, the farm’s cannabis was one of the first to be recognized as “organic comparable,” as designated by CCOF’s OCal program, which certifies consistency with the uniform standards of the National Organic Program. She also leads operations at Big Rock Partners, a strategic advisory firm serving investors and companies at the intersection of food, hospitality, and cannabis.

Joyce has worked day in and day out to assist other entrepreneurs, many of which are minorities, in cannabis. A long-time craft cannabis cultivator, she co-founded an Emerald Cup-winning operation and began angel investing in various women-founded early-stage cannabis start-ups, including Sava and LADY BUDS, an indie film that features women in cannabis. She’s also an advisory board member with various cannabis advocacy groups and Co-Founder of Cannabis Media Council, with a mission to advance a modern regulatory model that unites capitalism with inclusion. In 2020, she was recognized by San Francisco Business Times as a Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business.

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