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Five Organic Questions With NCIA Media Relations Director, Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox
Morgan Fox 

Warren Bobrow=WB: I saw a recent letter from Elizabeth Warren endorsing NCIA’s upcoming Northeast Cannabis Business Conference in Boston on February . How did this come about?

Morgan Fox=MF: Senator Warren has been an outspoken proponent of cannabis policy reform in Congress for some time now. She is a sponsor of the STATES Act and cosponsor of the MORE Act and other pieces of cannabis policy reform in the Senate and has been very vocal about this issue on the campaign trail. We have been in contact with her for some time through our work on Capitol Hill, but we’ve also been reaching out to see if we can arrange for the Senator to be a keynote speaker at one of our events. Unfortunately that was not workable this year, but she was able to provide a message welcoming attendees to NCIA’s Northeast Cannabis Business Conference and recognizing the positive impact the legal cannabis industry is having in her state.

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