Five Delicious Questions With Erik Knutson, CEO And Cofounder, Keef Brands

Keef Cola CEO/Co-Founder

Erik Knutson is playing a multi-dimensional game of chess with his own world, on various levels in both the dark and the light of day simultaneously. He doesn’t seem to rest, there is much more to be done with what appears to be vast depths of his boundless energy. I had the opportunity to speak to Erik about his passion for cannabis infused beverages at the recent Cannabis Drinks Expo, where I was a keynote speaker. It was very clear for me to visualize Erik’s direction in life, and it involves great success to him. Erik is ultra-ambitious and excited about the art of living life through his passion! Plus, his beverages taste great! That’s a big deal considering most cannabis drinks just suck. I’m on record saying this pretty broad-reaching statement and I did it in person during my keynote presentation at the Cannabis Drinks Expo a couple short weeks ago. Most of these thc and cbd infused beverages are just too sweet, just short of one dimensional in scope, and boring in their overall packaging. Erik’s beverages have a drier approach to them. Along with his dry sense of humor, his beverages are going places unexpected just ten or so years ago. And his packaging is fun! Erik is an entrepreneur, a flavorist and pragmatic to his success. Keef Cola is even more delicious with just a couple ounces of authentic Foursquare Rum, over good ice in a tall, clean glass, with fresh lime juice and a couple shakes of Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters. A cross-fade without parallel. I’m a better person explaining this drink to my readers, because it tastes so darned good, and it gets you really buzzed!

Keef Brands

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