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Eric Sklar Exceptional Sun-Grown Cannabis Entrepreneur Digs Deeply Into Fumé

Eric Sklar
Eric Sklar, CEO and co-founder, fume’

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why cannabis? Where are you from? When was the first time that you discovered our plant? Btw: Love the name, I came out of Biodynamic/Organic wine as well… Fumé means something to me.

Eric Sklar=ES: As a serial entrepreneur, I saw the incredible opportunities and challenges of creating a new business in a brand-new industry and I couldn’t resist taking the plunge. Brand creation has been the foundation of my career to date. Forming the organization behind the brands has been my life’s work. This was an opportunity to bring both of those skill sets to a new industry; that only happens once in a generation and I wasn’t going to miss the boat. And, like all the industries I have worked in before, I love the product.

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