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Equilibria: Restoring Balance To The Lives Of Women In Five Questions


Author’s note:  “Coco Meers and Marcy Capron Vermillion are the co-founders of Equilibria.”

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why cannabis? What brought you to the plant? 

Coco:  I was extremely under-educated about cannabis when Marcy (co-founder) and I reconnected to ideate in summer of 2018 after selling our respective tech companies.  A francophile from Alabama, white burgundy and bourbon pretty much had me covered on the recreational side of things. Marcy was the first data-driven, engineering mind to emphatically share her personal CBD success story with me, opening up my mind to the idea of cannabis as medicine, versus recreation.  Upon hearing Marcy’s authentic stories of nerve pain management and mental health relief, as well as the countless (anonymized) stories of the women she had counseled on dosage and delivery techniques, I began taking a high quality, full-spectrum CBD daily. After a few days, I felt more rested and generally more balanced.  After a few weeks, I described my overall temperament as decidedly more “even.” I had a longer fuse with my young children and was less fixated on elements beyond my control at work. After a month or so, I realized I could take my biologic injectable drug for an autoimmune disease less and less, eventually leveling off at ⅓ the frequency.  CBD has brought me balance, and I knew women everywhere deserved similar access.

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