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Deep Dive For 2020, Five Crisp Questions For Joe Peters Glass

MHPC Media
Joe working his magic 

I’m the lucky one, to be passionate about Venetian and signed Tiffany art glass. But what happens when the usual vessels, bowls, prisms, stained glass windows, vases and even hand blown glass pipes are not raising the bar? These styles of fine art glass pieces need elevation! But how? By using borosilicate glass that’s how. Borosilicate has a much higher temperature resistance than your typical hand blown glass. Why is this important? Because these fine glass devices are not just beautiful to look at, they provide a purpose as well. And that purpose is? Dabbing. Concentrates. Getting ripped with ultra-potent victuals. The kind. Luxury Cannabis. You know what I’m talking about, right? Sit right there for a moment. That little glass bong-like device costs some serious codder. Like several tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Because talented glass artists like Joe and Dave Peters and their crew at DreamLab have the intellectual and physical know-how to build a seven thousand dollar dab rigAll this in Cannabis Friendly/Legal, Colorado, instead of Venice, Italy. Getting back to the luck equation. No, I didn’t buy a Dreamlab dab rig, I really cannot afford one, but I did smoke out of an amazing hand-crafted and hand-assembled rig from their shop. I’ll just say it was just like inhaling fine cannabis vapors through a signed Tiffany lamp. This is handcrafted elegance in motion.


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