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Christopher Gavigan: Founder And CEO Of Prima

Christopher Gavigan
Christopher Gavigan

Although I didn’t realize at the time that the CBD cream that I’ve found real relief with in regards to my torn meniscus on my right knee is from Prima. I didn’t make the connection initially, my apologies to you all. It’s really fine stuff.

WB: Please tell me about yourself? Where are you from ? What was your path to your healing products? 

Christopher Gavigan=CG: I’m an East Coast native and always knew that my mindset and lifestyle choices were more attuned to the emerging, future-forward perception of health and wellbeing. I was always an outlier with my health-consciousness and environmental advocacy, so as a 20-year-old, I headed westward (of course!) to Santa Barbara, became a vegetarian, studied Environmental Sciences, and lived in a VW bus on the cliffs of the Pacific. I had known the recreational properties of cannabis then, but became deeply engaged in optimizing my body, energy, and mind to the plant sciences and botanical ingredients that promote healthful recovery. I was learning about the physiological impacts of certain toxicants from our living environments that had correlations to disease, illness, and health challenges — especially for kids and families — and this connected me to the best researchers and academics (at Mt. Sinai, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley and Yale).

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