It’s a pivotal week for the cannabis industry and we hope everyone plans on exercising their right to vote tomorrow. In addition to a tense presidential race, we have five states with ballot initiatives to legalize medical or adult-use cannabis in 2020. We’re looking at you New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi.

Outside of the political chaos we’re undoubtedly about to witness, it’s also an exciting week because it marks the launch of Klaus, a new line of cannabis beverages from the mind of Warren Bobrow. Commonly referred to as “The Cocktail Whisperer,” Warren is a former Forbes columnist and author of more recipe books than you can count on one hand, including Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics. Warren has always been a big supporter of BudsFeed, and we were excited to see Klaus take the #1 spot in this week’s Top 5 Seeds. Klaus might just be what the doctor ordered to help with the aforementioned political chaos.