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Baker’s Cannabis Company: Soul Transportation

Baker’s Cannabis Company

Baker’s Cannabis offers a premium cannabis experience within your budget.

Iknow cannabis is expensive. Every time that I visit a dispensary it’s very difficult to leave without spending many hundreds of dollars on the good stuff. That’s right, I hate to skimp when it comes to cannabis. That’s exactly why Baker’s Cannabis Company offers something different than the fray. It’s less expensive than their peers.

What do they do well:

What they offer is creativity, something not everyone can do. I think they do a great job and I want to tell you why.

Baker’s talent involves the agility to build a product that’s different than their colleagues. Baker’s is much more than just a sum of its parts. They use really funky strains rolled in cannabis oil and kief. Like a well-made bowl of Andalusian gazpacho soup, each heady pull from their fat, kief dusted pre-roll joints reveals different flavors and a myriad of lavish effects.

It’s really remarkable what Baker’s has created in the cannabis realm for less money than their peers.

Baker’s offers a uniquely creative solution to this vexing cannabis purchasing difficulty.

How to acquire something that gets your really stoned for less money and something that doesn’t suck.

Baker’s really surprised me. Each one gram joint lasted me several days because it is that convincing in effect. I would take a hit or two and let the joint go out. It’s only me smoking, so I can make a joint last quite a while.

Each experience was delightful and the money I saved… At the end of the day that really matters too. I believe this is part of their overall marketing strategy. Make something really good for less money. A consumer’s win/win, and a smile to the universe.

What it is:

Baker’s Cannabis Company is more than just a company that uses esoteric cannabis strains. None of the varieties I’d ever heard of prior. They utilize strains like Meat Breath (l love this name), Garlic Breath, just as it sounds and Peach Ozz. Which is, quite literally like biting into a juicy summer peach, the way the warm, sun-drenched liquid drips down my chin. That is the experience here, but more of the descriptions in the tasting notes…

What it is not:

Expensive. Baker’s is not an expensive, nor is it a pretentious cannabis brand!

This is carefully grown and most importantly gently cured flower. They do their technical job very successfully. Each of their pre-rolls come gently filled. These joints burn evenly and very slowly, each one lasting a long time. Smart and savvy!

Tasting Notes:

Meat Breath is a pre-roll, kief, oil and flower.

Some say that meat breath smells dank, like soil and earth.  I’d definitely agree with this accurate description. I’d also add descriptors like bursts of lamp oil, turned loam, diesel fuel, dried Mt. Rainier cherry skins and crushed, salt-slicked stones to the mix. Meat Breath is not for the cannabis beginner. I’d take my time smoking this whether you are a neophyte or even a seasoned toker. The high comes on slowly but with great resolve. If you are having trouble sleeping or if pain needs to be gone, may I please recommend this strain to you.

Sure, it’s got a strange name, but smoking the Indica leaning Meat Breath really works the magic of the plant upon your healing experience.  I love it!

Tasting Notes:

Garlic Breath is a pre-roll, kief, oil and flower.

If you’ve ever peeled and crushed garlic with the palm of your hand, then you’d be very familiar with the first whiffs of Garlic Breath. It’s the literal description of oily Gilroy garlic, the way it melts against a slice of sourdough toast. That is what I smelled when I opened the pre-roll tube. Garlic Breath is Indica in derivation and the pleasure that I got when I smoked this doobie was deeply amusing. Darkness envelops the outer space with the vernal equinox well past, yet the inner space was stimulated at first, then the persuasive aromatics and flavors slowly oozing through the synapsis of my brain into that deeply mesmerizing couch-lock experience that I seek. Garlic Breath takes your hand gently and leads you down to the river where ducklings are frolicking peacefully in the cool water. Try some and experience this phenomenon.

*Just my impression*

Tasting Notes:

Peach Ozz is a pre-roll, kief, oil and flower. If summer peaches are your thing and you seek cannabis strains that remind you of opulent stone fruits, perfectly ripened by the sun. This is California cannabis personified. The peach juices that drip down your chin are warm and sensory in volatility. Each pull of the Peach Ozz preroll captivate the consumer, but don’t let your guard down too much. This is a Sativa strain. You may find yourself doing things that you haven’t done in a while, like cleaning the entire house top to bottom. Peach Ozz is reminiscent of that first burst of cool fall air when you throw open the windows. You are refreshed, full of energy and ready to smoke this joint with fervor. It’s that good and what a mind-stimulating high. Chock-full of all the reasons why we smoke cannabis in the first place. To heal what ails us, even if there is nothing wrong with us at all. It helps us with all life’s problems. Sure, that sounds incredibly intimate, each person perceives the buzz differently. Always keep firmly in mind that healing with cannabis is well rooted in history.

Peach Ozz unlocks that creativity in my brain in a peaceful, yet pertinent manner without putting me to sleep afterwards.

And in my opinion, this means: Class Act!