Photo credit: Sam Gehrke
Otis Gardens President John O’Donnell with Pieter Summs & Ellie Walsh. 

Otis Gardens, located in the lush Hood River Valley, Oregon, is hitting the mark and raising the bar for excellence in craft cannabis. Their cultivation site resides in the shadow of the majestic Mount Hood where a glacial spring nourishes hydroponic gardens powered by 100% renewable energy. Otis takes the approach of good horticulture over pure profit. It’s not that making money isn’t important, but the quality of the product is of greatest importance. Each step in the path from seed-to-sale is thoughtfully mastered, not in knowing everything but discovering what is not yet known. That is what is truly important. The ecosystem of cannabis is interrelated between the known and vividly imagined! Anything is possible in the cannabis family of passionate growers. Everyone should look forward to tasting the indoor terroir and immersing all the senses in the artisanal farm-to-table experience that is Otis Gardens. Who, by their own admissions, truly do grow potent cannabis. 

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