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An Interview With Cannabis Empressaria Zoe Wilder

Photo credit: Harlee Case/Ladies of Paradise.
Zoe Wilder at Kitchen Creek Farm in Southern Oregon. 

I’ve known and worked with cannabis empressaria Zoe Wilder for several years. There is a quiet cadence about Zoe. She is pragmatic, deeply intellectual and takes massive risks in a burgeoning field that rewards ambitious female entrepreneurs who get it. Zoe is one of those cannabis entrepreneurs who has the innate desire to be in the know with her clients. Because at the end of the day, her clients aren’t just cold metrics, but individuals who are making history with Zoe right alongside them. You see, it’s a rare circumstance where the representative of the public relations agency is enjoying the path of enlightenment, too — a win-win for all who follow in this path, that of creating a new dialogue and a new direction. 

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