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A Golden State: Three New Strains for Epicure Experiences

Lake Shasta Snowmelt is what powers the textured and redolent cannabis from A Golden State in Northern California. This pure and pristine water source acts to give A Golden State cannabis the unique terroir that adds a certain taste of the place. I wanted to test my theory that A Golden State is unlike any cannabis I’ve enjoyed before by smoking it through two brand new smoking implements to me, namely the Session Bong and the other, a Higher Standards Beaker.

I also used my Stonedware “Purse-Pipe” with splendid results. You don’t need a deep lungful of weed smoke for an abundantly pleasurable smoking experience!

I procured three selections along with some lovely Indica-based, mini-joints that I hope to review in the coming weeks. The flavors are as follows: Lava Flower, Honey Flower and Silver Cloud.

Each of these ultra-luxury strains come packaged in eighth-ounce sized glass jars that are painted creamy white with their name, A Golden State penned in gold. There is a round sticker on top of the jar showing the individual strain name. Each sticker is printed in bright Pantone-type color. It’s really impressive to see up close, much care goes into the design of the packaging. This is a brilliant way to be recognized in on the shelf, their labels and micro-stories printed on the boxes really stand out. Each one subtly hinged on art-school worthy color palates that soothe and entice the consumer into a purchase. The consumer, intrigued by all these pigments, will find that A Golden State does more than just look good, the hand-tended cannabis smokes just as exquisitely.

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