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5 Questions With Mazel Tov Farms: Nurturing Cannabis For The People

Cary and wife outside
Mazel Tov Farms! 

I was immediately intrigued when the ebullient owner of Mazel Tov Farms reached out with a story unlike any I’d covered prior. Sure I’ve covered fellow tribesmen and women in my quest to discover the hidden reason why cannabis is so beguiling. My own history goes back to around twelve years of age. Many of my peers the Gill School in Bernardsville, New Jersey smoked quantities of (for the time) high quality cannabis. This was in the early 1970’s. I remember the woodsy, skunky-fuel tinged, dense smoke that clung to our clothes, the lethargic, dreamy words of revolutionary poetry and the iChing. This early path into the forest of the mystical herb, cannabis would influence future endeavors. Wrapping up the memory driven package in string was the good old Grateful Dead, played on and on, in languid endless tape loops from a portable Nagra reel to reel. Yes, growing up in leafy New Jersey and smoking high quality cannabis certainly made for vivid memories.

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