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5 Questions With Antonio Javiniar, Alvaro Wong, & Kika Keith:WebJoint / Social Equity

social equity up in smoke
Social Equity: UpinSmoke Episode 2 

About WebJoint:

WebJoint is a METRC-certified eCommerce and inventory management software provider for over ⅓ of California’s cannabis delivery services, providing automated driver dispatching, geofencing, real-time delivery tracking, compliance features and much more.

About SEOWA:

Social Equity Owners & Workers Association (“SEOWA”) is a collective of Social Equity Applicants that share a passion and commitment to making sure the cannabis industry provides a chance to repair the destruction caused by the War on Drugs to minority communities through inclusion and ownership within the industry.

Alvaro Wong (​left​) and Antonio Javiniar (​right)​ from WebJoint.
Alvaro Wong (​left​) and Antonio Javiniar (​right)​ from WebJoint. 

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