Andrew Boyens, Founder of Natty Rems

  1. Please tell me about where Natty Rems has gone since we spoke last? What kind of change have you activated? 

Natty Rems since we last spoke has expanded its cultivation canopy, extraction operations, and overall square footage over 3x growing from 23,000sf to 83,000sf.  We are on track to be in 300 doors statewide by end of Q1 2021 and plan on being in 400+ stores by the end of 2021.  Natty has revamped all branding presentation, packaging, labeling, business plans, and overall messaging in line with our expansion.  Our genetic library has been expanded and reinvigorated old heirlooms to start reintroducing them to the market that we feel is drowned with so called “exotics”.  With us releasing the familial parents of these genetics back to market including our OG Line as well as a Long Flowering Line by the end of 2021 we feel this will uniquely separate our brand from the rest of the market.  Both lines will be limited releases every 2-4 months we believe there’s still a lot of room for these REAL exotics to make a comeback in the market, we are one of the only companies in the country that I know of with a lot of these real OGs and unique Sativas.  We have held some of them for over 11 years so the team knows how to properly revive and nurture these legacy cultivars through experience and true appreciation!

2. What are your six and twelve month goals now that you’ve expanded your business? What obstacles do you face how? How do you anticipate removing those obstacles?

Our overall goal is to showcase our hard work since 2009 to be able to continually produce consistent and highest quality cannabis products even on a large scale producing the most of the best.  With all of our business expansion we have also focusing on being a responsible that sustainable company.  Natty is very excited to announce that we plan on implementing fully recyclable or reusable packaging within the next 3 years.  We plan on improving our overall water/energy use in both operating and new facilities once the technology is at a place where we feel it is truly effectively accomplishing it’s overall goal.  We are currently testing multiple manufacturer’s LED fixtures not only in Colorado but all other markets we are working on entering. Our live resin cartridges have taken off as we’ve continued to automate and optimize all of our processes to be able to continue to focus on the quality of our products at scale and we want to use this success to be a responsible and sustainable company.  

At Natty Rems the focus has always been elevating community, culture, and cannabis by blending artistic expression and applied sciences and it has been great to see this come to fruition especially with our upcoming sustainability and social equity plans.  We plan on being a fully inclusive company with all current and future business initiatives being updated including reviewing our hiring and employment training/educational materials with a minority owned HR entity to ensure accurate, appropriate information and practices being utilized by donating to community movements; donating and supporting Last Prisoner Project and including educational materials about cannabis incarceration throughout all of Natty Rems’ clients/partners across the country!  While the company continues to grow we hope to truly be responsible and humble partners to right the many wrongs that were created by the war on drugs especially for minority communities across this whole country. 

Andrew Boyens, Founder of Natty Rems

The 6 month goal is to be in the aforementioned 400+ doors statewide while still maintaining the brand reputation we have built over 11 years in the industry.  Our 12 month goal is to continue to expand our SKU set starting with ice water extracted products and several others that we believe are underserved SKUs on the market.  We know this will make a lot of people in Colorado and beyond as excited as us because we plan on being able to apply our dialed expertise to these products to make them more scalable and affordable quality for the consumer with the same quality that Natty is known for!

3. Tell me about your company in the current day world? What do you do that’s better than your competition and how do you continue to raise the bar now that you are a much bigger company?

Natty Rems’ team as a whole is bigger and stronger than it has ever been and that scale is what we have been waiting for!  I am personally very proud of our team and how they have shown the ability, knowledge and overall wisdom to effectively scale our quality product lines (both plant and extract).  Now that we have been able to accomplish what we feel was the hardest part of building a scalable product line as well as a brand we plan on using it wisely, strategically, and pragmatically.  The timing for the first time in my many years of being in this cannabis business has aligned and I plan on utilizing the consistency of our product, expanded production, new skus and experiential marketing style to our advantage to continue to build our brand presence to truly show how we are better than the competition.  We want to educate consumers to show them that they can depend on Natty for the same experience every single time they purchase not only in Colorado but nationwide. 

4. What’s your favorite food memory from childhood? What’s your favorite Saturday Night dinner consist of?

This one is easy, homemade-from-scratch southern chicken and dumplings or biscuits and gravy made by my mother, hands down this is still my favorite thing to indulge in.  Saturday night usually consists of a nice meal ordered in or going out with the favorite still being a proper pizza(which I’m still searching for consistently in Denver). 

5. What’s your passion?

My passion is truly family and business strategy in that order.