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5 Intriguing Questions With Kevin Ford Jr. Founder Of Uplift Maryland

Michael Harrison.
Michael Harrison
Mike Ant Photos IG: @mike.ant

Uplift Maryland is a platform where it strives to increase diversity and inclusion within the emerging medical cannabis industry, ensuring that all communities, especially those of color, have an opportunity to participate in the economy of the future. CEO of Uplift Maryland, Kevin Ford, grew up in a medical family, and throughout studying Business and Marketing college, he took a keen interest in the medical markets in California and Colorado. After moving home to Prince George’s County, he watched the start of the medical cannabis industry in D.C., in hopes that he’d have an opportunity to mix his entrepreneurial spirit with cannabis in a legal, medical market in Maryland. Once the opportunity presented itself, Kevin saw a void in the market for a trusted source of information for navigating all segments of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. At this point, he created Uplift Maryland. His passion stems from wanting to take what the generation before him has created and elevate it to the next level. Kevin has been able to take something that was once illegal and incarcerated many Black men before him and turn it into a positive by providing an education of opportunity, especially to those who have been marginalized by oppressive and unjust drug policies.

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