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5 Inclusive Questions For Cannabis Diversity Educator Dr. Tiffany Bowden

Head shot of Dr. Bowden wearing a bright orange/red blouse
Dr. Bowden 

Dr. Tiffany Bowden is a strong educational proponent for social justice and equality. I wasn’t sure I wanted to touch on this topic, but when I learned of the positive work done by Dr. Bowden, I realized that she would fit the cannabis lens that I’m charged with. Her diversity trainings were the reason why I wanted to say yes, even before the question was asked. I wanted to approach this topic with sensitivity and open-mindedness. Asking the 5 Questions to Dr. Bowden should enlighten and educate equally because there really is no easy way to approach uncomfortable topics without diving right in. As in right now. Thank you Dr. Bowden for your enlightenment and kindness in the place of both cannabis and diversity. Cheers, WB

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