Bryant Bowens

Creative cannabis people intrigue me. Who is satisfied with just sitting behind a desk all day, hacking out metrics, even if it is in the cannabis business? Sure there are jobs for these types of people but let me be the first to tell you that my kind of entrepreneurs in the cannabis space don’t have the patience to sit around and let the world come to them from behind a computer. Far from. What they do is seize the day, create something new, inspire others. Creativity and cannabis really do go hand in hand. Bryant Bowens seeks to open your mind, one carefully sourced cannabis-friendly product at a time. I’m proud to have been able to share my thoughts on his Murano Tips for rolling cannabis joints, even though I’m still unable to roll a joint myself. It’s really quite embarrassing to not be able to use the tips that the Murano folks sent my way. My apologies. But getting back to Bryant. There are many inspired folks who come my way. Bryant Bowens is certainly enlightened. Thank you for this opportunity to share his story with you, my readers. Cheers! WB

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