Warren Bobrow, ‘The Cocktail Whisperer,’ Shares A Mexican Canna-Punch Recipe For Your Month Of May

Warren Bobrow, 'The Cocktail Whisperer,' Shares A Mexican Canna-Punch Recipe For Your Month Of May

By The Fresh Toast‘s Warren Bobrow, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis.

Because the flavor of this craft cocktail has everything to do with the buzz, I want to make sure that the person who enjoys this drink is filled with reverence for the holiday that they call Cinco de Mayo.

I think the holiday of Cinco de Mayo is more of a good excuse to get happy than the actual meaning of the day — as far as I know it’s the Mexican Independence Day — but for all intents and purposes, its Tequila & Weed Day for me.

And the way that I think involves infusions — not tinctures or oils, or dare I say those things they are putting in cocktails called CBD drops. Hemp is what that is. Not at all what I work with, so please don’t expect it.

It’s so important to draw attention to the decarb step when making infused spirits with cannabis. The decarb step is heating the cannabis in an oven or, in my case, I use the Ardent decarb machine. Never have I burned a batch! It’s foolproof, unlike my toaster-oven that fluctuates 20-30 degrees according to my commercial grade oven thermometer.

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