Digging Deeper Into A Golden State: Nishant Reddy And Simmon Saraf

A Golden State
Nishant & Simmon PHOTO: WILL TEE YANG

Over the past week, since I returned from my one and one half days in Sonoma, California, my palate has changed yet again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always going to speak about terroir and outdoor growing as my metier, but then I discovered A Golden State. It wasn’t because this cannabis is the most expensive, and it is. I think what it sold me was the product itself. The packaging is gorgeous, that is true, as in fine wine, the packaging means everything. Simplicity rules the day. However there is no pretty label cannabis here. You get to choose A Golden State because you want to try the top of the house. No, I won’t score A Golden State, but I will say they are doing a really fine job and you should try to discover them too. Thank you. WB

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