Würk’s Keegan Peterson Alleviates Vexing Challenges In Legal Cannabis


Panel: From L to R, Keegan Peterson, CEO and Founder of Wurk, Carter Davidson, CRO of Vangst, Kyle Sherman, CEO & Founder, Flowhub and Nick Stevens, Software Engineer at Native Roots 

Cannabis often has the reputation of being an unpredictable industry to work in, but Wurk’s Keegan Peterson is aiming to alleviate the numerous challenges businesses in his world come up against. Human capital services can be tedious for mainstream businesses to handle but a logistical nightmare for even compliant cannabis companies to navigate due to convoluted regulatory and banking constraints. Peterson is challenging preconceived notions around the intersection of cannabis and HR, making the payroll and human capital industries work for cannabusinesses instead of against them. By tailoring Wurk to meet the specific needs of the cannabis industry, Peterson has redefined what human capital providers are capable of in this ever changing political and regulatory landscape. Wurk is powered by cutting edge cloud computing that is designed to help small businesses scale nationally and step in and efficiently fill in any operational gaps when mainstream human resources and payroll providers suddenly drop cannabis companies, which is unfortunately a cumbersome, expensive, a frequent occurrence in the industry. 

Keegan Peterson
Keegan Peterson

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