Eric Spitz: Founder Of C4 Distro: Know More, Do More, Care More

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Vasco de Gama Journey 

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why Cannabis? What was your path to the plant? Who were you with when you first got high? Do you remember what you were listening to?

Eric Spitz=ES: I grew up in a house with five boys, so there was a good amount of mischief, and one of my cousins was the center of the local pot scene. I hung out with the guys who were buying and selling weed at school but decided to wait until I got accepted into college to begin my relationship with cannabis. I remember hearing that I might not get high on my first experience, but that doesn’t explain why I have a perpetual and vague memory of the movie Lucas. I remember the hoopla around my first bong hit, and then not much of the movie. Once in college, I realized that I liked cannabis culture and smoking pot to enhance and supplement my enjoyment of partying with alcohol. But heavy drinking often wreaks havoc during the evening and a leaves a hangover the next day. Weed has fewer side effects, and it’s far more versatile. I like inhaling weed (smoking and vaping, not so much eating) before I work out or have a great meal, and it frequently stimulates creative sessions of writing and business strategy. Weed is fun for me and usually puts a smile on my face.

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