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The Chill Bong is much more durable than my memories.

The Chill Bong, aka Chill Steel Pipe, is one of the most intriguing tools of the cannabis smoking trade.

But first, what makes it so good? Let me tell you why.

It smokes smoothly… Soft and serene against your mouth and plunging down to your lungs filling them deeply.

  1. Laidback pulls with profound velocity into your lungs. This bong hits like a freight train!
  2. Add some sizable cube ice for deep cooling. Large tube and deep bottom hold the cold inside for hours with enthusiasm.
  3. Comfortable in the hand, it won’t slip nor fall with the broad base holding everything together.
  4. Similar technology to a thermos. Keeps the cold smoke cold and the hot smoke hot for hours…
  5. Easy to clean, just use some ISO – cap with your hand and shake hard, your Chill Bong will be clean as a whistle!
  6. Sturdy and solid construction, this bong won’t shatter if it falls to the floor, unlike your usual glass bong, which will smash into sharp pieces.

I love my Chill Bong (Chill Steel Pipe) and full disclosure here. Normally I’m not a bong smoker. They tend to get me too high! The Chill Bong is everything I’d hoped for in a bong. It reminds me of my first bong, back in time when I was a teenager, all those decades ago. I bought my first bong at Wonderland in Philadelphia. I remember that it was big deal to buy my first bong, a tube bong. It served me well during my last two years in prep school, until I added too much ice one time and it cracked. I’ve owned only a couple bongs since then, although I’ve smoked many.

The Chill Bong is much more durable than my memories.

I recognize that about forty years have passed since I owned my first bong, times have changed along with technology. If I had a Chill Bong back in the seventies, I’d have saved myself a lot of money over the years. The Chill Bong is virtually indestructible… A massive savings over time.

I love my Chill Bong and you will too. The non-stick coating on the inside makes cleaning a breeze with the right implements. I recommend a long soft bristle brush for the task at hand. Cleaning a glass bong is far more difficult. The Chill Bong will charm you and your friends. They all should have their own Chill Bong. Just my opinion, but one based on solid use of a really well made tool.

And what smoke did I utilize for my journey into Chill Land?

Green Bodhi.  Just the best for unlocking the inner self and discovering mindfulness.

Was I too high? Perhaps…. Did I learn anything? Absolutely I did… Amazing work, this Chill Bong.

What did I listen to?


Say no more.

From the creator of the Chill Steel Pipe:

Chill – The Coolest Hit In The World

Chill is the world’s first stainless-steel, vacuum insulated smoking device, designed to take life’s bumps and bruises while also keeping your water cold for hours. With two patents to its name, nothing on the market is quite like Chill.

Q: What makes the Chill so cool?

A: Ice Cold Hits: Chill’s patented double-wall vacuum insulated construction creates a shield that prevents heat from penetrating, keeping your ice solid & water cold for hours. Enjoy ice cold hits all day long.

Q: Is it fragile like your typical glass bong?

A: No More Broken Glass: Chill is made from stainless steel and is relatively indestructible compared to standard water pipes, so you can easily take it anywhere.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Chill’s patented ceramic interior hits and cleans like glass – you simply screw off the neckpiece to clean.

Q: Once I have a Chill Bong, can I add to it?

A: Designed to Evolve: Chill is “open source” and purposely designed to work with major water pipe components on the market. Mix and match your favorite percolators, neckpieces, and other accessories.


All photos done by Jeremy Sailing, check out his website!: