The PowerHitter Cannabis Tool: Seized At The Border

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Allen Stein CEO 

WB: I had a PowerHitter while I was going to prep school in the 1970’s in New Jersey. It seemed like everyone had one. I got mine at a Grateful Dead show. It appears that they have been lovingly re-created for the present day imbiber of any material, Hemp, CBD, even a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette. This isn’t like a bong. You can smoke a veritable plethora of materials out of it, not just cannabis- yet they were all seized at the border. From my view, this is a strange thing because so many devices pertaining to the use of illegal and legal smokable products are manufactured overseas, especially in Far Eastern countries. This is one product that used to be sold in the USA, for years. Why suddenly would it be illegal. And why now? No one seems to know or would even comment. With 4/20 rapidly approaching, I cannot buy one because our benevolent government deems them inappropriate for sale to an adult.

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