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Screwpop: My Favorite New Go-To For Greener Things

the new screwpop pipe under thirty dollars too!
Crisp, utilitarian, well made 

This was the Press Release *below* that got my attention. I loved the design immediately. Reminded me of a hand-crafted German camera part, or a business-first part in an aircraft’s landing gear. Cleverly designed at the top, your friend’s lighter just snaps right in- as long as it’s the slightly oval shape of a BIC lighter. A square lighter probably won’t work as well, but no matter, do you have a light?

Screwpop® Tool offers innovative, personal multifunctional herb tool – Hit Kit™ The latest in compact and highly functional tools, Screwpop® introduces – Hit Kit™, an innovative all-in-one — pipe, stash and standard BIC® lighter holder. Screwpop® – Hit Kit™ was designed to be a well organized and essential everyday-carry item for those who enjoy the “greener” things in life. No more searching for or losing your stuff – It’s all in one place. Simply preload the small, screen-lined bowl, un-snap the lighter, use it and then snap it in again, and the Hit Kit™ is ready to ride in your pocket or bag. Easily slide-out the lighter (from the end) and reorient the pipe for your smoking pleasure. Hit Kit™ can be used at just about any occasion: home, travel, concerts, golf courses, camping, special events and more!

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