Puro Cannagar: The Cannagars Of My Dreams

Puro Cannagars, hailing from the Los Angeles area get me stoned. Not just a little bit high either, but a major- I’ve lost most of the afternoon kind of high, or morning if the experience is framed by a wake-and-bake. But smoking a cannagar for breakfast or before breakfast are for the wildly experienced only. Why? These hand-crafted, from the finest available flowers are not your usual cannagar. They are something far different. They are for the top of the house. Not for a newcomer, what is needed here is for someone who can fershizzle their cannagar whenever it presents itself to you.

Out here on the East Coast, the style that the Puro Cannagar falls under might be known as a wrap or sometimes even called a blunt.

A wrap means simply, rolling up the finest flowers inside a hand-selected tobacco leaf. A blunt is a cigar shell with the tobacco removed from the inside of the shell. Stuffed full of fine herbs, the outer shell doesn’t look like a fat joint to the visually uninitiated. Sometimes this is better, especially where cannabis may not be entirely legal to smoke in public. Or you might want to smoke a lot of it at one sitting, the cannagar can facilitate this for you with self-confidence.

The cannagar has a long and exciting history. Cigars themselves are an ancient art form, pressed in a time-honored fashion using the finest tobacco.

Now imagine seeking out the smoothest aged tobacco leaf and stuffing inside tangles of ultra-gourmet cannabis flowers. Add some gooey gobs of the bad boy of the extraction lab; cannabis concentrates. These smokable works of fine art are the stuff that dreams are made of.

Seek them out if you are in Southern California.

Puro Cannagars

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