Island Cannabis/Ray Landgraf: Utter Quality In Cannabis

Ray Landgraf


I love Island Cannabis. No, it wasn’t their packaging that did it to me, nor was it their ebullience and smiles, although that did draw me into their bright and shiny booth at the Hall of Flowers just a month ago. Island Cannabis represents to me quality and balance in a friendly package. I wanted to try all their products and at Hall of Flowers I had that unique opportunity, which didn’t disappoint in any way. This led into the honor of interviewing the founder of the company. I must apologize in advance, it wasn’t so long ago that I was the one setting up this sort of meeting for others. I was an executive assistant for far too many years and I never gave a second thought to setting up an interview for someone else. Not thinking for a moment that the person who conducted the above said meeting was myself in my former incarnation. Cannabis surprises abound, and this is the really good stuff. I love their packaging too at Island Cannabis. Bright, exciting, intriguing. I want to taste what is inside. The product that has boldly optimistic creativity signified on the label.

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