Hapy Kitchen Portland, Oregon Raises The Bar On Confections In Gourmet Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Cup Winner!

The Hapy Kitchen story starts with head chef, Carla Burns.

For years, Carla has enjoyed mixing the gazillion combinations of food ingredients, cannabis strains and terpenes to dream up new recipes, experiences and effects in the form of mouth-watering, mind-pleasing, artisan edibles.

She embraced Hapy Kitchen’s values of quality and integrity made popular with the Paleo Bar and quickly took charge of the kitchen and the team. With her passion for learning and drive for perfection, she and the Hapy Kitchen crew started producing some of the best tasting truffles, chocolate bars, caramels, gummies and tinctures Oregon has tasted.

But taste is only one focus for Carla. She also smiles when a strong THC test result comes back from the lab and, most importantly, she takes immense pride knowing she’s making something that people need when seeking a calming effect.

Carla believes artisan edibles should be accessible to all Oregonians and makes sure the edibles coming out of her kitchen are affordable without sacrificing taste.

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