Ghost Vapes: Luxury Dry Herb Vaporizer

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My Cluttered Desk, With my Ghost Vape and Canlock WARREN BOBROW: IPHONE X

The magic of the inter-webs never ceases to amaze me.  I had a marvelous discussion with Josh from Ghost Vapes. He took time out of his day to connect via Skype (Thank you!), and to walk me through the operation of my Ghost Vapes MV-1. From the pitch that I received regarding this “Leica Camera” of the luxury cannabis vaporizer market. Why? Because it’s solid in the hand and quite ergonomically capable. It fits against the natural shape of my hand and if I only had a neck-strap, it would fit right in the middle of my chest, rather comfortably I might add! Looking more like a camera spotting scope or a pair of luxury binoculars, than a cannabis vaporizer. Stealthy!

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