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Today seemed like a fantastic day to crawl out of my comfort zone smoking low THC medical cannabis, even for just a moment. That opportunity finally presented itself to me with a couple of grams of G-Putt’s newest gourmet cannabis effort named, Tapped In. 

This opportunity is for something I don’t usually get the chance to smoke or even review. Because of the kindness of others, I’m able to offer my thoughts on the salubrious strain named Tapped In. 

Photo Credit: Zaul Zamora of Complete

Rolling in over 27% THC, Tapped In is a potent reminder of why I love smoking cannabis that is clearly out of my normal wheelhouse. Not that I’m a “lightweight” on smoking cannabis. It’s something that I’ve enjoyed for nearly fifty years. I travel extensively for gourmet cannabis and enjoy indoor and outdoor-grown with my bias towards sun grown in natural soil, which dates back to having grown up on a Biodynamic farm in the 1960s and ’70s. I love the premise of terroir, a sense of place in both the cannabis field and the vineyard when I’m writing about wine. Much can be said for the taste of the place. That’s why my bias moves towards sun-grown cannabis. 

The medical staff I usually have from the NJMMJ (med system) is decent enough, but they have a long way to go to catch up to California. In my somewhat biased opinion, this is because I was born and raised— and live — in NJ! They’ve come a long way, but not far enough yet. Not like the Tapped In varietal. This stuff really is the sprawl. 

It’s refreshing to know that the fine cannabis that is woven into Tapped In is indoor grown with passion. You can taste it in every puff. The flowers ooze with what I call red fruits. I could be in Spain or the South of France with the exotic quality of the aromatics, shown in each generous pull. Gourmet, groomed, tended, cured. All done with love, this is obvious. I dig what I tried and will try to seek it out. This is the good stuff. 

One suggestion would be to take a couple of dry hits through your pipe or joint before lighting the cannabis. Why? Well, to gain an appreciation for the terpenes. You’ll know my intent here when you smell the terps. It’s purifying. 

Cannabis as good as Tapped In offers an entirely different experience, one with which I felt immediately comfortable. I wanted to share my thoughts as Tapped In is really my new and best cannabis friend. 

Photo Credit: Zaul Zamora of Complete

Tapped In opened up my intellectual and considerate thoughts (what few that I have left!) and allowed me the honor of sharing my passion by writing the “WB” tasting notes of Tapped In; this is really high-quality cannabis and deserves even more compliments (In my opinion of course!) 

Tasting Notes: 

Nose: Early Spring rake-turned black loam in the nose spinning your inner dreams with opulent dollops of brown butter-soaked bread pudding. Each generous slice of this confection is covered with a smoky bourbon hard sauce. 

This modern-day indoor-grown cannabis is philosophically different from the cannabis of the 1960s and 1970s that I grew up smoking. Possessing potent scents of candy sugar-dusted sizzling hot cream-filled donuts, each whiff of the perfectly cured and trimmed bud offers the unique experience of smelling the cannabis. This moment in time, just before it is ground in my Gemini grinder, then smoked. Jutting my nose into a small scenting jar that I use to gain an appreciation for the terroir, I immediately savored the earthy aromatics that wafted deeply into and up my nose. This precise moment in time led to a dollop of corn pudding covered in a tangle of cozy brown butter with a touch of petrol and a flurry of freshly grated nutmeg at the finish. 

Ok, so it finishes sweet out of your nose if you exhale that way. With a touch of sizzled lemongrass and shallot, please. 

Palate: The smoke itself is soft across the tongue, plunging down into the lungs. The art of curing is spot on; no coughing here, impressive indeed. Notes of Saturday night butterscotch sundaes and further sprinkles of bartender’s sugar (very, very fine sugar) predominate the path down the throat to neither region of the mind. 

This groovy cannabis is elegant and potent, with splashes of my favorite, hot and spicy Pickett’s Ginger Syrup on the finish across my tongue. Impressive indeed. 

Photo Credit: Zaul Zamora of Complete

Finish: Upon reaching the body, the effects take place very quickly with a richly warming sensation that creeps up from the base of my spine up to the places where time has been remembered and then forgotten again, like most of my memory, not really, but you get this concept. Tapped In is very analytical cannabis with the importance of deep tête-à-tête and the metaphysical unearthing of the inner self. 

The High or the Stone: As we discussed above, the overall THC level is just north of 27 %, making it quite intriguing for the person who is chasing THC, in other words, looking only for high THC varietals. I think that Tapped In is world-class, exactly what they say it is. And yes, I get really blissful on just a couple of hits. This cannabis truly is Premium Indoor Cannabis Flower. They can also say expertly cured and perfectly trimmed, Premium Indoor Cannabis Flower. This cannabis really opens my mind, and I’m confident it will do the same for you. Tapped In will do exactly as you expect it to do. And that is to really get you intellectually charged, and yes, you will be masterfully stoned and have a really nice afternoon. Find some crispy Vietnamese/Thai style wings, make ‘em spicy, and then feast yourself to a memorable experience for yourself. 

 Thank you. WB

Founder Gaurav Walia, better known as “G-Putt” to his peers and friends, has been a pioneer in the streetwear, music, and cannabis scenes for the past 20 years. Acting as a liaison between brands, celebrities, and tastemakers, he has connected and cultivated a close-knit community between these spaces and has used his passion as the “connector” of people to start his new endeavor. As one of the original founders of iconic brand Sherbinskis, G-Putt forged his connections to facilitate partnerships with Nike, Modernica, and COMPLEXION, establishing the elevated taste level and cool factor that drove the Los Angeles cannabis brand to global recognition.

His most recent collaboration is one with Carrots x Crocs (see him flexing in Hypebeast), which explores the concept of soil and how it serves as a foundation of life. Expect a full calendar of exclusive strain releases, fashion, and collaborations in the pipeline, including partnerships with minority artists on exclusive apparel and accessories art built around his iconic “G”.

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