Frenchy Cannoli, Master Hashishin Graciously Reveals His Five Questions

Frenchy Cannoli
Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 17.30.56 Frenchy Cannoli 

I was just over in Germany for the Berlin Bar Convent and while I was there I led a panel on cannabis and beverages. Afterwards I spent some time wandering around the city parks. I had many opportunities to purchase some European hashish, but I didn’t do it this time and it’s too bad because European hashish is completely different than the most of the stuff that is called hashish in the United States. The last time I smoked some Middle Eastern hash, I was in Paris and it was about twenty years ago. The little “Temple Ball” felt to my hands like warm oil and fragrant cannabis flowers that were softly pressed (all by hand) until they combined to make a paste, which was then further rolled into a tiny ball. The source of this product was impeccable, it was not purchased in the park but came to me through locals who knew the trade well.

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