Five Questions With Sarah Harf: Founder Of Mooncloth Designs

Outdoor: Floor-Pillows Artwork by Ethan Lipsitz

Outdoor: Floor-Pillows Artwork by Ethan Lipsitz DANIEL JOHNSON

I love luxury fabrics and linens. It’s a secret passion of mine, finding the best and enjoying the creativity in the home. Sarah Harf, featured in this piece works with luxury materials. But what would you say if I told you that her luxury materials are from Hemp? No, you can’t get stoned on them if they should burn. My late step-father would always lament that the best sailboat lines were made of hemp, but during his lifetime you couldn’t buy them in the United States because Hemp was illegal. He would buy the lines in place that were under a British flag, like the BVI. The nylon ones didn’t hold up, and when they broke they were impossible to fix at sea. Hemp cordage for yachts not only last a long time, but they are extremely durable in salt water conditions. And should a line break, repairing it is very simple, just tie a knot! The natural fibers of Hemp attach themselves like magic, no fire at sea required to repair a plastic line. Because Hemp is natural and sailing vessels have used Hemp lines for hundreds of years. My step dad used to complain in no uncertain terms that if you put some Hemp sailboat line in a pipe, (and) try to smoke it, all that you’ll get is a headache. So why is it illegal?

The answer to that is in timing. Hemp sailboat lines are now legal, no smoking necessary!  And Hemp fabrics? Durable, colorful and robust. They outlast cotton versions of the same product and they retain their color more vividly than their cotton brethren. Natural fabrics, absolutely, but far more durable than regular cloth. Sarah is on to something here with her brilliant Hemp design company, MoonCloth Designs.

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