Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself? Why cannabis? When did you decide to leave traditional business for a much different path in legal cannabis? 

Tim Dodd= TD: We launched Sweet Flower because we believe in building a large, scaled and competitively advantaged business focused on the long-term potential of the cannabis industry in California.  As the legal cannabis industry emerges in California, I see vast potential to build a differentiated and competitive business focused on operational experience (our team in addition to me are ex-Google, SNAP, Soulcycle, Equinox and Armani), retail and branding know-how, and a strong Southern California focus. Southern California brands are some of the most recognized in the world, and within cannabis I believe that we can build a best-in-class retail experience and brand.  The Los Angeles cannabis market is among the most complex and challenging markets, but I have faith that it can also be the most rewarding.

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