Five Explorative Questions With Intrepid Cannabis Entrepreneur: Steve Berg

I met Steve Berg at an event in New York City introducing the new and vastly improved Firefly 2 for an enthusiastic crowd of journalists. I had only a few minutes to introduce myself and then to attempt to explain to Steve that his first foray into the vaporizer market was less than successful in my view. I tried to say, at least in a kind way that the first incarnation was not my favorite product. But after trying the new Firefly 2 with numerous improvements, my opinion of the first device was quickly forgotten. The Firefly 2 is now one of my favorite implements for the safe and metered consumption of medical cannabis. Sure you can use it for recreational weed, but to fully appreciate the expertise and talent that went into the development and implementation of this device, you should be using the finest medical cannabis available. Why? Because medical cannabis is not street weed. It has been tested for safety and it will truly, do no harm. Can your street weed say that? Doubtful. Steve’s a good guy, with a wry sense of humor. I discovered much when I sat with him and I didn’t know what to expect from my Q&A. What is written here is highly personal and very deep. I’m proud to bring you, Steve Berg. A kind man with patience. Thank you. WB

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