Five Different Questions With Troy Ivan, CEO Of ExtractCraft

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Botanicals are our gateway to natures flavors, scents, and medicine. People have been using botanicals for pleasure, nutrition, and medicine for as long as we have existed. Botanical uses started with using the plants in their natural form, or, making a simple infusion or tincture. Later we learned how to substantially increase the potency of botanicals by using extraction. The difference is that natural plant material, infusion, and tinctures hold the scents, flavors, and medicinal values but they can be too weak and/or adulterated with other oils, butters or alcohols to host the collected botanical oils. The only way to arrive at a pure and highly potent end product is to implement and extraction process to isolate only the botanical oil harvested from the original material. The list of home remedies and botanical applications is very long, people use a lavender or chamomile extract for calming. Just a small dab of these on the wrist brings an almost instantaneous wave of calming to the entire body.  The oil from citrus peel can relive arthritis and joint pain in minutes where other medications fail miserably. More dire and serious conditions like cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, depression, opiate addiction, MS, Parkinson’s, and many more are now being treated with cannabis and CBD and this is where intense interest in our home extraction equipment and community really gets stoked. Once people try cannabis and CBD and experience great success, they are quickly confronted with the problems of using extracts. The problems range from price, availability, quality, potency, reliable testing, and contamination. Using ExtractCraft equipment to do your own extraction puts the control of what is going into your body in your own hands.

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