Five Deeply Intellectual Questions With Andrew Davison, CEO Of GCH Inc

Andrew's smiling visage

I sat with Andrew Davison during my trip to Denver recently and learned that he was influenced by the outdoor survival school named NOLS. Years back, when I first moved back to Morristown, NJ from living around the country working as a cook, my downstairs neighbor also graduated from the NOLS program. Small world? Perhaps, but this school is not just about survival in the wild, but it seems to train intellects certain skills that are absolutely essential in the corporate world. My friend went on to his own career in corporate America, just like Andrew Davison has found his niche in the cannabis business with the marvelous products named, Willie’s Reserve. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to share some valuable time with Andrew because he is intrinsically geared to the kind of success that only the rarest of individuals can share. But he does, and with a genuine smile. Thank you Andrew, you brought light into my day. With this, it is my honor to introduce Andrew Davison, CEO of GCH Inc. Cheers all. WB

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