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Five Agile Questions With Benzi Ronen, CEO: Indose

Indose CEO and Founder Benzi Ronen
Indose CEO and Founder Benzi Ronen

I love the cannabis micro-dosing, hand-held vaporizer named Indose. This marriage of medical-inspired design allows the cautious consumer of medical THC and CBD to control the exact intake of their medicine in an extremely non-confrontational manner. Smoke of any kind is definitely confrontational, especially with the sometimes pungent cannabis smoke. Everyone knows your business, therefore cannabis stigmas are perpetuated. It’s a fact of life out here in the eastern part of the country where smoking cannabis is still frowned upon, if not outright illegal. Enter the Indose. Hardly more than two and a half inches in overall length and about a half an inch in width. It’s handsomely designed with a pinched-in integral mouthpiece and comes very clearly marked either Sa for Sativa or In for Indica right on the top, no confusion here! They also have a Cb tag on their fine CBD oil vaporizer, which should be legal in all states. This thoroughly modern designed device is light weight and it even passes the toughest test of them all, the sometimes stressful TSA hand-search test at Newark Airport and then airline cabin pressure test. Yes, it passes through TSA and no it does not burst or leak under the 8000 foot pressure of an airline cabin. I’ve had some very bad luck with the 510 cartridges. Many don’t burst right away, some take a few days before releasing their sticky substances inside your purse or your pants pocket. The Indose passes my test for accidental drops, the construction is hard plastic. I’ve dropped mine a couple times with no damage. My iPhone would smash before this little device would! Durable! And the oils? They are gorgeous, lush and to the point. They come in a series of pure strains as I mentioned prior. The Indica, deeply sedative and introspective. The Sativa, a burst of intellectual agility, optimism, fun! Then the CBD, I’m not sure how it works, but in minute portions my feelings were softened, muted, calmed. I’m assuming that the CBD was from hemp instead of low THC, high CBD cannabis. The vaporizers are handsome, black on one side, white on the other. Very classy in design. The THC or CBD is measured in milligrams, from the just below one milligram to three milligrams. That helps you know exactly what you have inhaled. They micro-dose beautifully with their true to their own signature terpene profiles in their richly textured, expressive oils. I’m a big fan!

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