DRO, AKA/Hydroponic: Luxury Cannabis & Culture For The People In 2020

Jamar Brown Basketball Days Pic by Dave Eggen Witt playing pro ball
Jamar Brown Basketball Days 

I first met Witt Rabon while judging the Connoisseur Cup of Cannabis, held in Denver, Colorado. Not only did he bring a smile into the room when he walked in, because everyone loves Witt, I can honestly say that he towered over everyone in the super tall ceilinged room. When he sits down in front of you, at least myself at five/nine and a half; I had to stand up to see him eye to eye. Witt smiles when he speaks, thus he commands your attention immediately, his candor and kindness are the basis of his passion, what he is doing in life, his path. I found by listening that when Witt speaks, his own unique form of verbal poetry flows out. He is peaceful inside and well spoken. Witt has amazing stories to tell about a multitude of topics and the time that you take to listen to his stories, deep memories are made. I may have a certain level of knowing, but Witt is so tuned in to his unique life, he’s seen things that I can only dream about seeing in my life.

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