Dr. Robert Flannery Of Dr. Robb Farms Shares His Wisdom Of Plant Sciences


I was in California a few months ago portraying myself as a famous cannabis author, (which coincidentally I am) at the Cannabis Drinks Expo. I was selected to be a keynote speaker for this event. As I set out to set the world asunder, because my presentation helped expose a few of the reasons why cannabis drinks are pretty oblique in the present day. They have a long way to go, unlike the brilliant plant sciences work that Dr. Robert Flannery is working with. I’m sitting here wondering why we can’t do better at making cannabis drinks, and Dr. Flannery is kicking the can of innovation directly through the goalposts of life. This is a humble, yet highly intelligent man who works in the cannabis industry. There are very few certified PhD’s in cannabis. Dr. Robert Flannery is one of the most intriguing. On the last day of my trip we sat for several hours, conversed and enjoyed the benefits of the brilliant German-made vaporizer machine known as the  Volcano over at SPARC in San Francisco.

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