Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour – The Veritable Mind Eraser Cocktail

Writing about Rum comes easily to me because my late step-father was very fond of Rum. He and my mom owned an ocean going yacht and it made for a comfortable passage from island to island in the search of fine food and most importantly cooling rum cocktails. It was a nice adventure!

The two meals I looked forward to the most on our day trips from island to island were lunch and dinner. Lunch because sailing all morning in the blistering heat develops quite a hunger and thirst, and dinner because after hard sailing all day, the meal could start with a refreshing rum beverage and finish the meal with something quite extraordinary. I say extraordinary because the islands, being British or French had open trade agreements with Cuba. As everyone who has tasted Cuban Rum knows, it has a very unique Terroir and character.

Recently I have been experimenting with the Ron de Jeremy Rum. This Rum is very smooth with a long finish. It tastes very similar in the mouth to the historic Rums of Cuba.

Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez makes this Rum taste like his old country with sweet notes of vanilla sugar and citrus blossoms bursting into bloom with every sip.

It’s just about the closest thing I’ve tasted here at home- that tastes like the rum we used to mix into Painkillers down in the islands.

So I leave you with the Very Twisted Cocktail Whisperer version of the “pain” cocktail that I cannot say the name of in the hot sun.

This drink makes 2 veritable mind erasers, fact- that is the name of the cocktail:

The Veritable Mind Eraser Cocktail

To a cocktail shaker muddle fresh pineapple, orange and tangerine chunks that you’ve previously seared lightly in a sauté pan until crispy and “charred”

Add some ice to the shaker, about ¼ full

Add some coconut milk (sweetened) to the fruit. Use about 2 shots

Add some coconut water (sweetened) to the milk and the fruit. Use 1 shot

Add 4 Shots of Ron de Jeremy Rum


Crush some coconut water ice- you know, freeze coconut water in an ice cube tray overnight then crush…

Fill tall glasses ½ with this special crushed ice

Pour the Rum/Citrus mixture over the top

Garnish with a scraping of fresh nutmeg

Garnish with a hunk of grilled pineapple